See full-screen Maukie movie.

To see the Maukie movie, you need the Flash Player, which you can download from Adobe

Run your cursor around Maukie's body and she'll do cat-like things!

Use your cursor to pet her face, just above her nose between her whiskers and listen.

Scratch her chest right about the bottom of her "bib" and listen.

No, I didn't create Maukie, nor did Anneke Broenink from whom I found her. Ms. Broenink has quite a lot of information about Maukie, including details about how to download her for yourself to put her on your desktop or web page. I have some details about how to do that at the end of this page.

We think that Maukie was originally created by someone at . They have lots of games, graphics, and jokes. She has been widely distributed, as you can see from a Google search.


See how the kitties react when you move your cursor in this table.

If you want to link to Maukie or use her on your desktop, it is appropriate for you to download this and not take up the bandwidth to always hit my website for this. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. First download the actual movie file. Right-click here and Save the file rather than running it. Make a note to yourself of where you save the file.
  2. Then go to the my Maukie html page, and save that file in the same directory that you saved the movie file.
  3. To run this, simply open the HTML page that you saved and the Maukie movie will run.


  1. If you want a different color background, look here to find the six-digit code for your chosen color. Then open the HTML page in an Notepad or some editor (MS Word is definitely NOT recommended, because it will add a lot of useless and confusing code) and replace the color "#999999" with your chosen color code in three places where it says BGCOLOR.
    The one close to the end changes the color right around Maukie.
    width="480" height="600" bgcolor="#999999"
    The one at the beginning changes the color on the rest of the screen.
    <body bgcolor="#999999">
    The one in the middle changes these for Internet Explorer.
    <param name="BGCOLOR" value="#999999">

  2. If you want a different size, open the HTML page in Notepad and change the size in two places. This file has 480x600.
    width="480" height="600" bgcolor="#999999"
    Other good choices are 240x300 and 120x150.

    In the first size parameter, which now has 486x610,
    <object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000" width="486" height="610">
    make that 246x310 or 126x160, respectively.
    To see an example, view the source file for this current page and see the settings for the small versions of Maukie you see in the table right above these instructions.